35th Year Aniversery Game

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May 4, ’04

While chatting about how to get the obelisk out of the pit under Alderath’s mound a young girl, Misty, bloodied and with an offering, came to ask for help. Monsters, attacked their home. Grandfather pushed her out a window – she ran to the Alderath. She brought a locket that was her mother’s as payment to Alderath for help. The father had been missing because he went to look for her mother.

Morph took her message and organized the party to head to save her grandfather, two miles away. Morph, Clanom, Tansey, LKAB, Alladin, the Knave, Godforge, Nimble, Thefay, Adler, and Misty.

  • house invaded by Hobgoblins & grounds infested with Ankhegs
  • following father caused us to run into a Jackelwere
  • find a town being attacked by Knucklewalkers, which we defeat
  • the town is Lonely Hearts Gorge, a town of people waiting for the return of loved ones from a path (from which no one has returned so far)
  • Pepper Shears, the local bard, asks us to look for her father William if we follow the path

May 5, ’04

  • after sleeping, we travel the path from which no one has returned so far
  • get attacked by a Wyvern or two
  • arrive at a Château & are welcomed, though William Shears warns us to not eat or drink via Thief’s Cant
  • Adler scouts ahead & ends up getting Charmed
  • do battle with a mysterious entity that initially pretends to be undead, but turns out to be a sneaky Rakshasa, along with 2 more Jackalwere assistants
  • due to its immunity to magic & ability to cast Invisibility, we give up trying to kill it, but we do take its Flying Carpet & magically-locked chest. Naturally, this means we have made a new enemy
  • fly back to end of the path. Learn that “Billy” Shears is associated with the Octopus’ Garden
  • Billy & Pepper leave with us back to Alderath’s lair

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UPDATE: Regarding the Incident at the Toad Inn in D’Kota
A report filed by officer Brandenburg “Brand” Gates (cleric of the Realm of the LKAB).

I am pleased to report this case is closed. We followed the female druid, Elven fighter and two thieves as they, with some difficulty, slew the goblins and freed the captive (who promptly joined his buddy in the back).

The party continued down the tunnel. (note: While looking about we discovered a secret tunnel that leads to the base of the giant oak at the pond outside Toad Inn). Down the tunnel it split into two paths. One, clearly lead to an exit, the other towards running water. We followed it and discovered a secret warehouse. Sire, I am not sure how this small party of bumblers did it but the four of them managed to take out three bugbears and half a dozen or more goblins. It was impressive.

It seems a small band of smugglers had set up a system to pull the kegs of the kingdom being floated downstream into their warehouse. They then tapped, partially drained, and watered down the barrels. They would then send them on their way back down stream. We believe these barrels were then shipped ans old on some black market. We also believe there is a rival thieves guild to Sir Nakezin’s that may be behind this.

We will continue to investigate. For now…we believe this small party deserves some token of your appreciation for their efforts.

Note: In the confusion the two captives who had been freed escaped down the primary exit tunnel.

The Incident at Toad Inn
On the first eve of the quarantine for the Yellow Death.

The Incident at Toad Inn.

Regarding the Incident at the Toad Inn in D’Kota
A report filed by officer Brandenburg “Brand” Gates (cleric of the Realm of the LKAB).

On word of the quarantine implemented due the discovery of the Yellow Death, myself and fellow guard of the realm began our house-to-house initiation of the mandate. We knocked on each door, read the notice and I inspected those present in the home or business for signs of infection. Upon approaching Toad Inn, a bustling new inn at the edge of town and quite a magnate for adventurers, we discovered a large group of 17 had hunkered down for quarantine. They ranged in race from, Gnome, Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Halfling, Elf, Human and Dwarf (one of our own enjoy some off-duty time). The owner and his grown son and daughter were busy serving guests and a loan beggar hovered by the front doors. As Toad Inn was the outer most building we decided to post ourselves out the front doors and wait to see if other arriving adventures would need to be pulled in and inspected.

Not long there after a large rumbled shook the foundations of the building and a woman’s scream emanated from the kitchen. My companion entered the doors to see the daughter, covered in blood, clothes torn, screaming. She exclaimed a large cave-in had occurred beneath the root cellar and giant rats had emerged, attacking her and her brother. He brother was still below being attacked. As she explained this to her father behind the bar he turned to the room and begged for assistance from the considerable forces present in the room.

Dear King, at that moment I swear to all that is stone, a demon must have possessed the moment! Orcus himself seemed to have returned with his chaos! Our off-duty soldier quickly ran to assist the young lady and was attacked through the kitchen door by a giant rat, 3 people at the bar mysteriously fell asleep, most sat unmoved by the events, drinking their less-than-quality ale, and one study woman of the unholy cloth rushed to attack my companion, dealing an almost deadly blow to a fellow guard of the realm!! We retreated from the chaos to the porch as the mad cleric continued her assault! An elderly guest vanished from a corner seat and a thief ran out the back door. A fighter of low skill attacked our mad cleric and was pummeled into unconsciousness, perhaps dead.

In the kitchen 4 adventurers attacked the rat, killing it but discovering 2 more. They were also dispatched quickly and the four brave souls followed the screams of the father to root cellar. They were a female druid, and Elfin fighter and two thieves. They found the brother being pulled into a dark, collapsed chasm in the floor. They pursued the rates and dispatched them below. The druid healed the thankful brother and sent him up stairs with the elven fighter.

Above, I charmed our attacker and healed the man who came to our defense and was knocked cold. We sealed the doors and returned the place to order. Roll call revealed a lone, elder human, likely a wizard, escaped with a stolen horse in the confusion. We suspect he caused the sleepers at the bar and snuck out the back door invisibly. We have put word out to search for him.

The Inn secured, we returned our investigation to our three adventurers in the collapsed tunnel. There we found they had discovered a tunnel into the back of what could only be described as a giant rat pen. It was lined with old straw, bones of other small animals and, I believe, some human ones as well. One of the thieves apparently picked the lock on the gate to the pen to exit. We followed their trail through a small cave clearly inhabited by several absent goblins and three hobgoblins. It is well-kept and well-stocked for living and they have clearly been there for some time. We believe the adventurers may have taken a pile of record-keeping books that were on the table. We need those to determine the purpose of this lair. We exited a door in the opposite side of the small cave and discovered two cells, one recently unlocked. Just around the next bend in the tunnel we discovered our threesome, now a foursome (a skinny, dirty small human was with them in tattered clothes). They crouched in the shadows spying into a larger cave beyond. There they were watching 2 goblins tie up another skinny, ill-kept human to a pillar. They spoke of him being tasty and a “good offering”. Most of this cave was filled by a small lake with the pillar at the edge closet to us. There also seems to be a few shriekers growing here with some rope and damp netting contraception designed to be lowered over them. I do not know it’s purpose.

I will report again as I can. For now I am sending this message via our Dwarven soldier who was off duty. He will return to us once it is delivered.

Your humble priest of the realm, Brandenburg Gates.

The Death of Alderath
An attempt to vanquish the yellow-death.

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This is a continuation of Hunt for Alderath

Player Characters on this adventure Clanom of the Dithedine, Aladdin Sane, Lord King Afton Barr, Rohan Elfwade, Godforge, Nakezin Huzibfa (the Knave), Tansy Brambleberry, Mordorph Mandel, and Thefey Inheart
(Chet, Lyle, Lance, Carl, Pat, and Big John)

Everyone is moving 1/4 speed (roots and entangle)
Morph and Nakezin missed their save for entangle and stuck.

Round One

Insects (plague) start emerging from the undergrowth
LKAB cast Hold Person on Alderath
GodforgeSpiritual Hammer – (hits 7)
Godforge cast Dispel Magic to try and free Morph and Nakezin from entangle.
Aladdin Magic Missile (hits 15)

Hold Person might have worked.
Dispel Magic allowed for another saving throw which Morph and Nakezin failed.
Rohan Elfwade tries to free Morph

Morph and Rohan are immune from the insects (robe of animal friendship and monk ability)

Round Two

Alderath bursts thorns of nastiness from his abdomen.
Tansy – takes a thorn for 6pts
LKAB takes a thorn in the skull – knocked out. (Arduin critical)

Godforge hits Spiritual Hammer – 4pts
Aladdin hits with Magic Missile – 12pts

Round Three

Rohan frees Morph
Nakezin frees himself
Godforge cast Cure Light Wounds on Thefey


Godforge Spiritual Hammer – last attempt miss
Tansey Spiritual Hammer – hits! (first round)
Godforge takes two points
Thefey goes down from head shot and is low on hit points
Aladdin polymorphs to hippogriff

Round Four

Alderath – sheds the last of Alderath – and is now a plant creature of nastiness with tentacles and thorns.
The group moves up for the attack
Aladdin flies to LKAB
Godforge cast Cure Light Wounds on Thefey


Clanom and Rohan both take hits from the tentacles
Clanom misses his save – luckily slow poison is in effect.
Aladdin gets hits by tentacle – 2pts – makes save
Nakezin throws Goden – hits
Godforage – casts Spiritual Hammer (5 rounds) – hits

Round five


Aladdin pulls LKAB into the cave
More move up for attack (now in range Rohan, Nakezin, Clanom)


Clanom takes 9 damage – some in head – not stunned
Nakezin hits for 7 in head – not stunned – makes save
Rohan 2 damage
Morph – bow hit
Tansey – Spiritual Hammer
Clanom hits with Life Spark Sword
Nakezin hits with Worm Tongue
Rohan hits with staff
Aladdin – advanced first aid on LKAB to determine he should not do anything strenuous

Round six


Bugs can now see Clanom
Clanom – hits
Godforge hits
Nakezin hits
Tansey hits
Rohan hits
Goden hits on it’s return

The Plant is dead!

Craig joins us virtually.

The throne we uncover – druidic runes cover.

Found staff with egg shape grey stone. – Staff of the Archdruid – Thefey pulls it out.

Thefey is now the Steward of the Staff of the Archdruid.

We feel a shifting below – the pools start to drain. We roll up the door and head to the base of the tree behind the throne. There is a cave in its base.

We descend 150’ into a well like opening inside the cave. The Knave leads. We leave the rope hanging.

At the bottom is an underground river, carved with a side path. The hole leads above the river – one must swing side to side to land on the path.

Rohan notices, as the water recedes, that the pools have goodies in them. He finds an ornate gem clad dagger, and picks it up. +1 dagger

The underground river flows into what looks to be a newly opened cavern, but with ruins at the bottom, into which the river is now flowing. Morph suggests that we go down into a fallen pool from above. The Knave, who can swim, joins Morph investigating. He climbs down into the pool.

The Knave finds that there are three types of rubble in the pool: gate structure, some stone room/tomb/vault, and above that mud. We ask Aladdin to do a Detect Magic to help look for stuff. At the bottom of the filling pool, the Knave finds an intricate ornamental bowl with jewels, a stone chalice, and a large stone obelisk with Dithedine symbols on it.

LKAB loans glasses of read languages to the Knave, who reads something about, “druid will be summoned – sacrifice.” – hard to read because of the silt falling and cloudy water. Aladdin swims down to read the whole thing.

Two trolls walk down the stream. After a few moments of humorous banter, LKAB decrees we slay the one that didn’t declare that he was the “one that lives.”

Morph, the Knave, LKAB, and Rohan with bow from a distance, engage with the nasties. Morph bashes out his teeth with a crit and drops one. They let the other troll pass. They are infected by the yellow death-like disease.

Aladdin translates of the stone obelisk, which in large part contains the Charter of the Dithedine of Bog

There are other tablets that describe when the great worm appears, and when to cast the Obelisk.
The signs we did discover:

  • Above ground animals, moving to the mountains. – herds of wild animals – of which there will be many.
  • Below ground animals moving – lots of underground movement.

Weather causes large growth – and large heard animals – when enough heard animals happen the large worm awakes.
Probably near the winter solstice – 6months.

The spell needs to be cast on sanctified druidic ground. – the staff can sanctify ground (Thefey can do this).

We named the Troll Stewy the Steward Stewart.

XP was dolled out!


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Hunt for Alderath
Conquer the Yellow Death

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Morning of May 3rd year 4

East Breeze was where Desmond and Mollie Jones caught the Yellow Death. Waterford is the town where Thefey Inheart is from.

Aladdin Sane polymorphed as a Hippogriff —carries Godforge and Thefey Inheart – flys over Waterford.

They spot much yellow mold covering everything, and infected people at the tops of trees with their heads expanded and exploding with a pop of yellow spores.

Clearer to the South of Waterford. Because the wind blows from the south. They fly south to open the Door Tapestry.

Morph steps out of the door and says:

How about you simply use that Broken Crystal Ball Shards to find Alderath?

Aladdin uses the crystal ball to find Alderath – in a rocky crag in a pile of fungus. And a giant infected stag watches from above.

The plan: Aladdin flys with The Knave into the crag – fireball clearing, land, Nave open the door while Aladdin uses rope of protection from evil- everyone comes through the door.

People on this adventure Clanom of the Dithedine, Aladdin Sane, Lord King Afton Barr, Rohan Elfwade, Godforge, Nakezin Huzibfa (the Knave), Tansy Brambleberry, Mordorph Mandel, and Thefey Inheart

  • Slow Poison cast on them
  • Greasy Rags around their face

Aladdin lands above the crag polymorphs back to Aladdin and the two Feather Fall 60’ down to the lower crag. Aladdin casts Fireball to clear a spot to open the door in, but the “land” undulates and it becomes clear that the lowest part of the crag has pools of water.

As the steam and fire dissipate The Knave unrolls the door and holds it upright. The party comes through the door, having difficulty walking over the gnarled tree roots covering the ground.

Battle ensues. fungus-Zombies crawl out of the roots, two giant Shambling Mounds awaken from the pools, and a large fungus-zombied stag circles from above to finally charge down upon us.

Clannom, LKAB, and Godforge all execute amazing feats of battle. Aladdin’s webs slow the stag allowing us to kill it without loosing anyone. Right before the stag falls the center mound of mold starts to move, Aladdin hits it with a Fireball, and Alderath stands.

Alderath is yellow and sickly, long arms ready to gasp and kill, he screams “I am Alderath” – Godforge casts Silence. And in that calm we pause the adventure.

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